> Has Framemaker 8 made any advances in color output for Framemaker pages?

Sadly, no.

> Second, has anyone discovered any new ways to create color output from 
> Framemaker
> without having the printer giving you the, "these colors are rgb, ......"

Is it graphics you are having problems with? If so, save them as .EPS files. 
When FrameMaker creates PostScript for distillation it passes everything 
through the Windows GDI. This converts graphics back to RGB. The exception 
is for .EPS files, which are passed around the GDI as is. CMYK will stay as 
CMYK. So I recommend that you use only .EPS format for graphics files.

Also, in maker.ini, try this setting: GetLibraryColorRGBFromCMYK=None

You may also have an improper color management setting in Distiller. 
(Distiller also offers a "Convert All Colors to CMYK" option.) I seem to 
recall that having "Tag Everything for Color Management" caused plain black 
text to go multi-ink!)

The preflight capability of Acrobat Pro can help you find RGB problems.

Mike Wickham

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