William Abernathy wrote:

> My last attempt at getting this answered resulted in zero 
> responses. I will assume that it was because my post was not 
> a model of concision or clarity. So I'll try it again, 
> hitting the highlights.
> When inserting PDFMark bookmarks to other PDF documents, is 
> it possible to force the inserted links to the top of the 
> Bookmarks panel on the generated PDF document? If there is, 
> what's the magic argument? Currently, the bookmarks may be 
> placed at the top of the column (if there are many chapters) 
> or the bottom (if there is only one chapter).
> Right now, the PDFMark argument to create the bookmark to 
> another document looks like this:
> [/Title (Title)
> /Action /GoToR /File (foo.pdf)
> /C [0 0 1]
> /F 2
> /OUT pdfmark
> FrameMaker 7.2, Acrobat + Distiller 7.0 on Windows XP

Well, I only play a PDFMark user on TV, but since it's Friday and no one
else has jumped in... 

DISCLAIMER: What little I know comes not from experience, but from
Thomas Merz's PDFMark Primer, which you can download from
http://tinyurl.com/29ae4x (it's an excerpt from his book).

In section 6.5, Merz offers this example of code to create a bookmark to
a URL: 

[ /Count 0
/Title (Click here for home page)
/Action << /Subtype /URI /URI (http://www.ifconnection.de/~tm) >>
/OUT pdfmark

I don't see anything where Merz addresses bookmark order, only nesting
and open/closed. But I may just be missing it, so have a look yourself.

Where are you putting the PostScript code frame? I'm purely guessing,
but I'd put it on the first body page of the doc, above the main text
frame and thus ahead of any pgfs from which bookmarks are generated. I
wouldn't put it on a master or reference page (other PDFMark functions,
sure, but not bookmarks). 

Also, Merz says FM puts the frame coordinates in the PostScript stack.
It's not clear whether it matters for bookmarks, but you may need to
remove the coordinates by putting four pop commands (pop pop pop pop) at
the beginning of your code. 

That's all I've got, and it's pretty speculative, but I hope it helps. 

Happy weekend!

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