When you say production, do you mean they are just not printing the
manuals? Have you checked if there are PDFS or help files available on
the CD or in the software? 

Thank you,

Gillian Flato
Technical Writer (Software)
1550 Buckeye Dr. 
Milpitas, CA. 95035
gflato at nanometrics.com

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We ordered two copies of the Adobe Technical Communications Suite, as  
well as two sets of documentation. The software arrived before  
Thanksgiving, but yesterday we were notified that Adobe had cancelled  
production of the documentation.

We've been able to track down most of the manuals online, but we're  
stuck when it comes to RoboHelp. We've never used this app before and  
really need some guidance. Help files are fine as far as they go, but  
we don't need information in spoonfuls -- we need help seeing the big  
picture. We need a big honking manual.

There is a link to RoboHelp documentation on Adobe's web site, but  
all the docs refer to v.6 and earlier: http://www.adobe.com/support/ 

Another Adobe link leads nowhere:  See -- http://www.adobe.com/ 
then click the Adobe RoboHelp 7: Getting Started link. All you get is  
an "Access Denied" page.

Phoning Adobe Customer Support was a total waste of time. I spoke to  
several very nice young New Delhi denizens with faux Anglo names, all  
of whom were extremely polite and completely clueless (Adobe's fault,  
not theirs).

We found and ordered a third-party RoboHelp book from Amazon, but  
have no way of assessing quality or completeness. So, can anyone  
recommend other resources for learning RoboHelp? (And when it comes  
to customer support, is Adobe the new Microsoft?)

Many thanks for your consideration,

    --D Reynolds

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