I have used MTG many times to do this.  It works quite well if all of the
chapters, preface, toc, etc., use the same template.  If you use different
layouts, however, it takes a little work to set it up.

Diane Gaskill

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>I am seeking assistance in the conversion of several Framemaker books,
>varying from 150 to 500 pages in length (with many graphics, tables), to
>reasonably cosmetic versions in Word.  Please contact me directly if you
>personally do contract work of this type.

You can easily do this yourself with Mif2Go.  Word RTF conversions
are highly automated, and require very little fine tuning, if any.
You can preserve xrefs and hyperlinks within and between files,
and render autonumbers with stable SEQ fields rather than with
Word's broken default numbering method.  And it's *very* fast.

Try the free unlimited demo version (which replaces random words
with phrases from Jabberwocky) and see for yourself:


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