Hi Emily, 

I remember we had the same kind of problem, but I don't recall exactly. It
had to do with non-avaialable fonts in an EPS illustration. 

Did you change illustrations or font settings (may be by installing another

Can you still open all the files in FM and scroll through the pages without

What you can do is print the book and deselect the files one by one - a
trial and error process to identify the file that causes the error. Next is
to print the separate files and deselect pages - to find the page that
causes the error.

It might help to find the acrobat error log, if created, to check at what
page the process stops.

By the way, is a postscript file created or does FM crash before that stage?
You could try to distill the postscript manually to check at what page the
printing crashed.

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