Sounds to me like a magazine-type layout with text frames overlapping for 
deliberate effect. Am I right?

Do you need to know how to select a text frame? Make sure View > Borders is on, 
then Ctrl-click on the border of the frame. Then you can drag it out of the 
way, or delete it if it's a duplicate of the frame underneath. 

If you're trying to select a particular frame and can't, it's probably behind 
another one. Select the one/s in front and move them out of the way; or select 
everything, then unselect the ones you don't want, then use Graphics > Bring to 
Front to get the frame you need on the top. To select everything, first click 
in the border outside any frame, then use Ctrl-A.

Hope that helps!

>>> "Combs, Richard" <richard.combs at> 16/01/08 06:04 >>>
gweckrich at wrote:

> I have a document that contains multiple  pages with 
> overlapping text frames.
> Such pages can not be edited in their current state.
> How do I remove the overlaps so that these pages can be edited?
> The pages can not be deleted as there is no source other than 
> the pages with the overlappng text frames.
> Have I clarified my situation?

Sorry, no -- not to me. I didn't say anything about deleting pages, I
asked if you needed to know how to delete text frames. If there are
empty text frames on top of the frames that contain your main flow (this
happens sometimes when you misapply master pages), you need to delete

If the "extra" text frames aren't empty, are they standalone text frames
or autoconnected and flowing from page to page? If the latter, you need
to determine if they're part of your main flow or a separate flow.
What's in them? Where does it belong? 

About all I can suggest is that if this document is really messed up,
you identify each flow (may be one or more text frames), select all in
flow, and copy to a new document. That doesn't resolve how the doc got
messed up and how to avoid doing it again. But maybe some quality time
with the relevant parts of the FM user guide will help.

Other than that, I'm at a loss. Maybe someone else on the list can
intuit what you need. 


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Polycom, Inc.
richardDOTcombs AT polycomDOTcom
rgcombs AT gmailDOTcom


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