A couple of simple troubleshooting steps:

Is the format you're referring to exactly named "Heading1" in the template?
Remember that these should be written identically.
Also, check the Paragraph numbering settings in the book and remember to
update the book's numbering before generating the index.


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On Jan 16, 2008 7:18 AM, Whites <whitefamily at mac.com> wrote:

> Hi Framers
> Using FM7.2 and WinXP
> I thought this would be easy, but . . .
> I'm making an index of names. Rather than have the index list the
> chapter and page with the usual <$chapnum>-<$pagenum> variables in
> the reference page index setup, I want the index to show which
> heading they appear under (i.e. which section of the chapter) since I
> don't really care about the exact page. When I use <$paranumonly
> [Heading1]> variable in the reference page I get no number at all in
> the index, just a hyperlink.  Is there some reason why this shouldn't
> work?
> TIA for any suggestions
> Will White
> ViaLogy LLC
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