Greetings everyone,

I will be hosting a free Webinar on January 31st that describes how to
control help-specific features in WebWorks ePublisher Pro using a
structured FrameMaker document based on a minimalist EDD.

This Webinar is based in part on a successful presentation that I gave
at the WebWorks RoundUp 2007 conference in Austin.

As anyone who has used ePublisher knows, WebWorks is a great
single-source authoring tool. However, implementing help-specific
features (such as pop-ups, drop-downs, and custom pages) and controlling
topic / mid-topic breaks  requires a tremendous number of styles, or
time spent post-processing the help system.

What is needed is a way to select help-specific features within the
FrameMaker source files independent of the formatting applied to the
text. I specialize in developing minimalist EDDs for FrameMaker that
format the text using context-based style rules. The EDD independently
assigns paragraph and character style names to the text, solely for the
benefit of WebWorks. The author can turn any section into a topic,
mid-topic, drop-down, or pop-up simply by selecting an attribute value.
The EDD automatically assigns the paragraph styles to the section
heading and all of its descendents necessary to implement the desired
help feature in the corresponding WebWorks ePublisher project.

Mark your calendar for 11:00 am EST; 8:00 am PST; 4:00 pm London on
January 31st if you would like to see a live demonstration of this help
authoring technique in action. Free EDDs, templates, and sample projects
will be available to those who attend.

To register, select
<>  to access the enrollment page and
click "Enroll" to the right of the event.

Hurry, space is limited.


Martin R. Smith

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