In 2004, I used WebWorks Publisher 2003 for FrameMaker to convert FrameMaker 
source files to WebWorks Help files for my clients. 

Today, I have a client who wants to convert FrameMaker files to a Help system 
and I need to find the best Help conversion tool available now. I could use 
your help with information and recommendations.  

I am currently evaluating the pros and cons of using these three tools with 
FrameMaker 7.2 (or FrameMaker 8 if necessary):

RoboHelp 7
MadCap Flare

I've heard good things about Flare but what are your thoughts about it? I'm a 
little concerned that MadCap and Quadralay are not large companies and I wonder 
about their long term availability. That is not my concern for RoboHelp now 
that Adobe is developing it. But can RoboHelp generate cross-platform help as 
well as Flare or ePublisher?  Is ePublisher a good tool and not as buggy as it 
was when it first shipped? 

My client needs a help system that can be called from a client GUI and will 
display in a browser on Windows or Solaris 9 or 10. Mac is not a requirement. 

I'd like to hear from folks who have done this kind of comparison and are now 
actively using one of these tools. Why did you choose it and what is your 
experience with it now? Would you recommend it and where is it deficient in 
meeting your needs? 

Thanks in advance! 

-- Paul Battaglia

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