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>... I've been chasing this bug for weeks, and I just tracked down exactly what
>causes it. Has anyone seen this? Sorry for the long explanation. I'm using
>Frame 8. Maybe that's the problem.
>If I take the character formatting out of the markers, it all works fine. If
>I use character formatting later on in the marker (plain text for the first
>2-3 words, formatted after), all is fine.
>Does anyone know of a workaround? Or am I stuck with no formatting in parts
>of my bibliography? Do I go back to Frame 7?

References to character formats in index markers indeed cause
problems in FrameMaker 8.0, from crashes to missing entries.

There is nothing incorrect in the marker content, and the same syntax
works fine in previous FM versions.

In the cases I tested, the only "workaround" was to remove references
to character formats in markers.

A few weeks ago, Vivek Jain, Group Product Manager at Adobe Systems,
mentioned another patch for FrameMaker 8, expected in the first quarter
of 2008.

Hopefully, the new patch will address this and other FM8.0 bugs.
(and hopefully, another version/patch will address some of the FM5/6/7 bugs?)

Shlomo Perets

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