Were these templates imported from MS Word, by any chance? That can be
the source of strange characters.

As for the upside down "T", that can be any one of several different
kinds of marker. If you have ever cross-referenced something to that
paragraph the marker will remain, even if the referencing paragraph is

Try this: go to Special >> Marker, then highlight the area of the
paragraph where the "T" is. The Marker Text box will tell you what kind
of marker it is.


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And in my TOC, the Chapter Titles all have the outline box in front of
them, and the second level headings all have the bold T in front of

I thought the bold T meant cross-reference?  I still don't know what the
outlined box means.



On 7/2/08, Deirdre Reagan <deirdre.reagan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all:
> I have nine Chapter Titles that feed the TOC.
> The format of the title is [Variable] [Chapter Title Name] and the 
> whole thing is tagged Chapter Title.
> Two chapter titles have a bold T in front of the variable.  Neither 
> the variable nor the chapter title is cross-referenced in the rest of 
> the document, as far as I can tell.  One paragraph tag has an asterisk

> in front of it, but the other one doesn't.
> Three chapter titles have an outlined box in front of the variable.  I

> don't know what this outlined box is. None of these tags have an 
> asterisk.
> Four chapters have no symbols in front of the variable.
> Any thoughts on why these seven chapters, which only feed the TOC, 
> would have different symbols or none at all in front of them?
> Also, I erased the variable and ran the book, and got no error 
> messages, but the symbols all remained the same.
> Thanks,
> Deirdre

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