Hi Verner

This is how I do it:

   1. Simple directory structure: one language folder for the FM files (en,
   de, fr, es, it...) and each language folder has subfolder which has the same
   name (_graphics or _repository).
   2. The graphics folder does not have subfolders.
   3. All the graphics have the same name in every language, so it's just a
   matter of putting the localized screen shot in the correct language folder.
   They will be replaced automatically in FM.
   4. If possible, use the same size for the dialog boxes in all languages.
   This can be a challenge for the developers: they have to design their
   English UI "with localization and text expansion" in mind. Or, if your
   screen shot software (SnagIt, Hypersnap, ...) supports it, just take a
   screen shot of the relevant "region" or "section" of a dialog box. This
   makes your documentation less "update-prone". If something else changes in
   the rest of the dialog box, for example buttons are moved, you don't have to
   update the screen shot of that region.
   5. Use screen shots only if they are absolutely necessary to understand
   the content. I use a minimalist approach here and try to avoid screen shots
   as much as possible. For example, if a dialog box appears as a logical
   result of the action described in a step, I don't insert a screen shot, and
   I don't describe the result of the action. So I *don't* do this:
   <step>Choose File > Print</step>. <stepresult>The Print Document dialog box
   appears</stepresult>. [screen shot of the dialog box]. I don't write the
   stepresult and I don't include a screen shot in the above example. I only
   use screen shots if there is potential ambiguity. Doing so, I was able to
   reduce the number of screen shots of some manuals from 200 (on average) to
   10. I didn't get any complaints from users or reviewers, but I was very
   happy during review meetings when the developers told me that they had
   changed 37 (or so) dialog boxes. The documentation manager was happy too,
   because he didn't have to spend thousands or euros on 4 people doing nothing
   but taking localized screen shots in 5 languages for 3 software products.
   6. Try to use line-art graphics instead of screen shots. Line-art
   graphics are easier to change and they can be made language-independent by
   showing less detail. You can find some example of this in the webhelp of
   Enfocus Instant PDF: go to the URL below, and search for the topic "Viewing
   jobs" (without the quotes).



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On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 10:13 AM, Andersen, Verner Engell VEA <
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> Have any of you succeded in creating a scenario where language specific
> screen shots do not need to be reimported or rescaled in Framemaker.
> I am thinking of directory structure for each language, screen
> resolutions, dpi etc.
> The idea is that the English files and screen shots are sent to the
> translator. The translator replaces the English screen shots with the
> language-specific ones.
> If you have a scenario for this I am very interested. Often when I
> replace a screen shot it is totally distorted in Framemaker and needs to
> be re-imported and re-scaled.
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