Jointly produced by Leximation and Silicon Publishing, DITA-FMx is a set 
of plugins and structure applications that let you create and edit DITA 
XML files in FrameMaker.

DITA-FMx 1.0 supports the DITA 1.0 specification and FrameMaker versions 
7.2 and 8.0, and provides extended authoring features beyond those 
available with the default FM8 DITA support. A sampling of the key 
features is listed below (with the full list of features available at  ..

   * Automatically generate a map and stub topic files from a simple 
tabbed list or text file
   * New file names automatically generated based on proposed title and 
building-block data (unique ID, topic type, date, time, etc.)
   * Select custom element template when creating a new file so you 
start off with the whole topic structure in place
   * Automatically add and update prolog data on file creation and file 
   * Ditaval Manager allows you to create and manage ditaval files from 
within FrameMaker
   * Supports filtering in generated FM files by applying conditions 
based on a ditaval file
   * Search for content in files on disk based on text, element, or 
attribute values
   * "Where Used" command generates a report listing all places a topic 
or element is referenced as a conref
   * Conditionalize prolog and/or comments on file open (hide or just 
apply coloring)
   * Context sensitive help (Alt+F1) on DITA elements, can be customized 
to add your specialized elements
   * Generate a FrameMaker book from a DITA map
   * Generate output of the current map or topic through all versions of 
the DITA Open Toolkit

   * Also .. Certified compatibility with XDocs 1.1 XML CMS from 
Bluestream (!

To purchase DITA-FMx or download a fully functional 30-day trial, visit 
the website at ..

We are now working on the 1.1 version which supports the DITA 1.1 
specification. When available, the upgrade from the 1.0 version to 1.1 
will be free.

The 0.0 version of DITA-FMx, which provides limited support for 
FrameMaker versions 7.1 and 7.2, remains available at no cost.

Your feedback is always welcome. It's likely that we will incorporate 
customer suggestions into a future version of the product. Let us know 
what you need to make your DITA authoring in FrameMaker more efficient.



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

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