Thanx Yves,

In this case, updating each chapter individually is what we want. I didn't own 
a copy of FrameScript until recently, so I'll create a script for those clients 
who also have FS. The rest of them will have to import the TOC for each chapter.

Anyone else have a 3rd option?

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Hi Darren,

yes, you can generate standalone TOCs and import them by reference into a 
chapter, but you'll have to update and check each chapter individually each 
time you add, remove or change titles in that chapter.

Like Art said the ChapterTOC Framescript is the easiest but also the best 
solution. You can even run it on complete FM books.


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        Hello fellow FrameManiacs,

        If you have:

        a.       Experience with MIL-STD Work Packages.

        b.      Experience producing documents that have a TOC within each
        individual chapter.

        Please contact me off-list, I have questions about generating and
        formatting the TOC.


        DJ Butler

        NG Corp


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