This I have experienced (besides what is due to the FNTCACHE.DAT
problem) when Structured FrameMaker has gobbled up too much memory.
The only solution (until Micro$oft sometime in the next ten years
solves it with a brand new Hotfix ;-) ) is to quit FM and restart or
even to reboot.

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 1:52 PM, John Posada <jposada99 at> wrote:
> Hi, guys.
> Has anyone experienced the problem of when generating a PDF from a Frame
> book, of random words dropping out; not appearing in the PDF, but their
> space still reserved.
> >From what we can tell, it only happens on XP Pro OS and is more prone
> (though not always) in text inserted by reference.
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