You can also just use TAB to move to the next cell across a row, then
back to the first cell of the next row, and it will wrap from the end of
the table back to the beginning.  Shift-tab moves backward through the
same cycle.

And there's also alt-control-tab to move downward through a column (and
loop back to the top) or alt-control-shift-tab to move upward in a

I haven't tried it, but I presume you could remap these to the arrow
keys, but then you may lose their 'normal' insertion point motion which
I doubt you would want.  Take a look at the Customizing Frame online
manual (Customizing_Frame_Products.pdf, found at C:\Program
Files\Adobe\FrameMaker7.2\OnlineManuals in a typical Windows

On Tuesday, July 08, 2008 16:54, Paul Wilbraham wrote:

| Dierdre
| You can use the "shortcuts" as follows:
| Esc t m u (table move up)
| Esc t m d
| You can also make changes in a configuration file to replace these
| keystrokes with shorter sequences.
| I have remapped them to F11 and F12.
| --Paul Wilbraham
| ----- Original Message -----
| > Hi all:
| >
| > Anyone know if we can use arrows to move from row to row in a table?
| >
| > I'm on FM 8.0 on Windows XP.
| >
| > The arrows don't move the cursor at all.
| >
| > Thanks,
| >
| > Deirdre

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