Hi Kristy,

I get around the pagination issue in my structured documents by adding  
a "pagination" attribute to my section elements that includes the  
choices Top_Of_Page and Top_Of_Column. This allows me to start any  
section at the top of a page or column if necessary.

Context-based formatting rules in the EDD detect the value of the  
pagination attribute and set the pagination properties of the  
corresponding heading paragraph accordingly.

You can use this technique to gain fine control over any  
layout-specific properties in structured documents.

I also find this technique useful to swap out the graphical icons  
associated with warnings, cautions, notes, and tips. I also use this  
technique to control alignment in table cells. I have also added  
attributes to the root element of a chapter to toggle  
branding-specific color schemes throughout the entire document.

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Martin R. Smith

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