John Pilla wrote:

> Hi;
> Our Co's template requires (I do not have control over) Linked
> Microsoft
> PowerPoint slides.
> With a course of many PowerPoint Slides, it is a lot of extra work to
> use
> Paste Special to choose 'Linked Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Object'
> since we
> can not use Paste because 'Embedded Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Object'
> is
> the default.
> Yes, there are the key strokes for Paste Special.
> However, I looked at Maker.ini file and help, and could not find where
> to
> change.

You can change maker.ini to change the default Paste Special behaviour.
Look for this line:
ClipboardFormatsPriorities=TEXT,MIF, RTF, FILE, OLE 2, EMF, META, DIB,
The default choice is on the left (in my case, TEXT). I'm not sure which
abbreviation is for linked objects. 

Setting keystrokes is described in 

Keystrokes are listed in 

Harro de Jong

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