Deirdre Reagan wrote: 

> Let's say I have a table that is four rows long, and I want to paste
> in 50 rows.  I've tried paste but it only takes the first four
> entries.  I know I can go to Table>Add Rows and Columns to add the
> rows, but what if I don't know how many rows I need to add?
> Is there any way to just paste my data so the rows automatically

I'm guessing you're trying to paste in text, because if you were pasting
table rows, it would work. The Paste Rows dialog would appear and give
you 3 options: Insert Above Current Rows, Insert Below Current Rows, or
Replace Current Rows. If you select the 3rd option, the number of rows
selected must match the number being pasted, but for the other two
options you can paste whatever number of rows is on the clipboard. 

If the 50 new rows you want to paste into the table are in text form,
convert them to a temporary table (with the correct number of columns),
then select and copy the rows, and paste them into the target table.
Then you can delete the temporary table. 


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