I'm on Windows XP with Frame 7.2p158. Please forgive the

   A while back, I posted some messages concerning issues with the
Control-key shortcuts not working, along with the arrow keys for moving
the cursor not working when held down (instead of moving repeatedly
until the key is released, it only once, but only after the key is
released). Well, I've just noticed another weird aspect of this
behavior. I'm placing some Index markers and I can copy and paste in the
Marker dialog box using the Control-C and Control-V keys there and the
arrow keys work normally. They don't work in the *document*, but they do
in the *dialog box*!

   Just thought I'd mention this as there were three or four others that
contacted me about this issue, saying they've experienced the same
thing. Thought they might want to know. It would sure be nice if Adobe
fixed this. However, considering FM 8 is out, I seriously doubt they'd
devote any resources to fixing this issue. Any know if FM 8 has done the
same thing? Personally, I think it has something to do with certain
graphics formats used in a document (or with *how* they're used), but
that's pure speculation.

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