Hi all,

FrameMaker 8.0 on WinXP SP2, freshly registered copy of FrameScript 5.1

I've been a FrameScript user for about 3 hours now, and I'm working on a 
learning the language to write a batch script that will take the files given on 
the command line with many -a"file0.fm" and save-as XML (I then move the XML 
over to a Linux box and parse to generate API code). As one could imagine out 
of a first-timer, I'm borrowing heavily out of scripts like 

Anyway, I'm opening each file to be saved-as-XML with the following code:

Open Document File(pvDocFileName) Invisible FileIsOldVersion 
FontNotFoundInDoc(OK) OpenDocViewOnly(True) AlertUserAboutFailure(False) 
FontChangedMetric(OK) FontNotFoundInCatalog(OK) FontNotFoundInDoc(OK) 
UpdateXRefs(No) UseAutoSaveFile(No) UseRecoverFile(No) NewVar(lvDocVar);

I've attempted to do away with all font-not-found and file-is-not-writable 
warnings to keep a batch script from popping up FM dialog boxes and waiting for 
user input. However, there's 2 styles of warnings that I cannot avoid: 
**Paragraph tag "CellBody" is not in the Paragraph Catalog. Add it? [Yes] 
[No].** The other warning refers to a missing Character in the Catalog, with a 
similar prompt. 

Perhaps the ultimate solution is to check out the document and fix its 
Paragraph and Character catalogs, but I'm hoping to make this script ride 
through these types of errors. FYI: These files are all edited by different 
people so little problems are bound to show up from time-to-time, and 
ultimately these warnings don't cause XML file generation to fail so I don't 
need to fix them immediately.

Any assistance I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Boone Severson

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