>Is there any way to search for FrameMaker overrides?

Depends on what you want to do, but if your goal is just to find 
para-level overrides and, say, override them with the default 
paraformat, you could use F/C: check "use wildcards", put the string 
"\p" in the find field, and then click through the document.  Each 
end-of-paragraph symbol will be found, and you can keep your eye on 
the bottom left of the page -- whenever there's an override, there'll 
be an asterisk in front of the name of the paraformat.

If you don't need to know where the overrides are or what they are, 
and if there are a lot of them to be eliminated, it might be simpler 
to import formats from a copy of your document. The Import Formats 
dialog has a setting for removing overrides.

Graeme Forbes

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