I have a .fsl installed that gives the option to "Open All Files in Book 
Silently" and it does exactly what you're describing. However...I don't have my 
laptop with me, and I can't remember which script it is or where I got it, but 
I'm thinking it may have come from [itl]...?  Sorry for the limited 
information, but maybe someone else on the list can provide the rest of the 
info. If not, I'll be able to get to my laptop sometime before noon tomorrow 
and will let you know then. :-)

Rene L. Stephenson

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Yves Barbion <yves.barbion at gmail.com> asked:  is there a plug-in or 
framescript available somewhere which allows you to "open all files in book" 
while "ignoring all missing files and fonts in book"?

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