The TOC creates its own paragraph format for each type of paragraph you
add to it (1AutoTOC, Heading1TOC, etc). The secret is in the format of
these paragraphs.

If you want two different paragraphs from the chapter to appear on the
same line in the TOC, you can manipulate the indent, space above and
below, and line spacing of the TOC paragraphs so that they overlap and
line up correctly. 


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Hi All:

FrameMaker 8.0, Windows XP.

I have a question about creating a TOC.  I'd like my TOC to have a table
format with three columns. Is that possible?

I'd like the Table of Contents to look like this:

SUBJECT                      EFFECTIVITY    CH-SC-SB-FIG
Top Collector                       701701           23-32-0X-X1

Electrical Kit Collector          701701           23-32-0X-X2

Structure Kit Collector          365366           23-32-0X-X3

where the Collectors are all one kind of paragraph tag, the
effectivities are one kinds of paragraph tag, and the CH numbers are one
kind of paragraph tag.

Currently the TOC is done by hand with cross-references to the paragraph

I've been in the references pages, fooling around to see what would
happen, and I can't get two different paragraph tag TOCs on the same
line.  Also, I drew a table onto the master page, hoping to fake a table
format, but it didn't show up on the body page.

Any help would be most appreciated!



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