Patrick Fortino wrote: 

> We have a TOC and LOT that uses leader dots that lead to a page number
> on a right tab;
> eg
> Table 3-1   List of Program
> Parameters.......................................................3-3
> The problem is when the para text is longer than 1 line and the page
> number wraps to second line. When that happens, we don't get a tab to
> right or a leader.
> eg.
> Table 3.1 List of Programs Parameter for the XXX Program Setting
> as;dfasdfdsf
> 3-3
> Is there a way to get leaders on the second line? Seems like I
> remember that you can't.

Fortunately, you remember wrong. :-) 

In the appropriate reference page specifications, simply add a second
Tab (not a tab stop, but a second Tab key press or \t) in front of
<$pagenum>. If you anticipate three-line headings/captions, add a third


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