Perhaps I don't understand your request, but FrameMaker will not use
information on a Reference page automatically when inserting a table
unless the info is used via the Frame Above/Frame Below mechanism in
specific paragraph formats in the table.  I suspect this could be done
through some scripting or an FDK client application but leave that for
others to verify.

If you mean to create an instance of the table on a reference page, and
then be able to copy it as necessary to the body pages and adjust the
number of body rows accordingly, that is fairly straight-forward:

In your template (or specific document as appropriate) create a text
frame on the ref pages, and paste a copy of the table into it from an
existing example in the body.  Then delete the content of body row
cells, or even complete rows (but you have to have at least one body row
remain), so you are left with a model table which can be copied/pasted
as needed.

On Wednesday, July 23, 2008 11:08, Mollye Barrett wrote:

| Hi All,
| I need to get a fairly complicated table heading on the reference
| page so that the heading automatically populates when the specific
| table is inserted on the body page. Can anyone refresh my foggy
| memory on this?
| Mollye Barrett

- Lester 
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