Hi Wim,

My apologies if this has already been answered... I get the digest. Use
of a schema is really very similar, but there are some specific
constructs that you should use to prevent errors. For example, an xref
element must be set up a certain way in the schema, a way that I
wouldn't have guessed on my own. The Structure Dev Guide is pretty good
about explaining all of this. I'd recommend browsing through that
document by searching for "schema," especially in the Translating
chapter. That should give you a quick heads-up of the things you need to
look out for.



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Subject: Structured FM - XML: using a scheme
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Hi all,

for a new project we are using an XML scheme and not a DTD. I imported
scheme for creating an EDD, and FM converts it to a DTD.
Can anyone advise on using a scheme with structured FM - any things to
into acount that differ from working with a DTD?


Vriendelijke groet,

Wim Hooghwinkel

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