Jim Owens wrote:
> Format > Page Layout > Pagination > Before Saving & Printing
> Howard Rauch wrote:
>> This is an elementary question -- one for which I should know the
>> answer but seem to have forgotten it. I have a number of one-page
>> files for which Frame consistently and automatically adds a second
>> blank page. I've tried deleting the blank page and saving the file,
>> but when I re-open it the second page is back again. There are no
>> carriage returns on the second page. The page I want to keep has a
>> header and an illustration on the master page and three tables on
>> the body page. I have set up right and left master pages with
>> different margins to allow for three hole punching. What am I
>> overlooking?

...and Howard, make sure you check that setting in the book window if
these files are part of a book -- settings in the file will be overridden.

Also check the pgf tag for the first pgf in the file, Pagination tab,
Start -- a setting of Top of Left Page or Top of Right Page (in a book
context) can also cause extra blank pages depending on circumstances.


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