Art Campbell wrote:
> Assuming you mostly work with PostScript printers and PDFs, if you set
> the system default printer to Adobe PDF / Acrobat, you should be fine.
> The problem is that some printers have their own embedded fonts that
> are different than the system's fonts or the system's versions of
> those fonts. They aren't part of the Windows system, but they can be
> accessed on the printer. If the font appears to be available to the
> system as a remote resource, it'll use it. But it can't be embedded in
> a PDF, for instance, and won't travel with the file to another system
> that doesn't use that printer.
> A
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 11:25 AM, Paul Findon <pfindon at> wrote:
>> Framers,
>> With Mac FrameMaker, changing the printer made no difference to
>> FrameMaker in regard to fonts. With Windows FrameMaker, however,
>> changing the printer causes FrameMaker to display the following
>> somewhat worrying message: "The font information for your system has
>> changed. This change may affect the format and output of your
>> documents."
>> Can someone please explain what's actually occurring here, how to
>> avoid any pitfalls, etc?
>> Paul
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I recommend the free Setprint plug-in from Sundorne,

It will make Adobe PDF your default printer within FM without affecting 
your other applications, which can continue to use your default physical 

You may also find that the driver for your physical printer has an 
option to report its fonts to the operating system -- if it does, try 
turning that option off.


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