Thanks, Kathleen! Setting the GetLibraryColorRGBFromCMYK parameter to 
None did the trick.
Thanks for the help,

Johnson, Kathleen wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>I don't use that version of Acrobat, but check your maker.ini files (in
>the directory where FrameMaker is installed) between the two computers.
>The setting GetLibraryColorRGBFromCMYK is probably set differently. To
>get the same color in your PDF as you see in FrameMaker, you want that
>setting to be None. 
>Hope this helps
>PS Restart FrameMaker and re-create your PDF after changing the
>maker.ini file. 
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>Subject: Color shift in Distiller 8 PDF output
>A reviewer noticed a shift in the color of the header and footer rule in
>PDF output from FrameMaker. I'm using Acrobat Pro 8.1.2 and FrameMaker
>7.2 on a Windows XP laptop. The rule line is Hex 99cc33 green in our
>FrameMaker templates, and it comes out as 96fc24 lime green in the PDF,
>according to the Photoshop Elements color sampler. I'm using File>Save
>As in the book file to generate the PDF.
>The really strange thing is that I can get the correct 99cc33 color in
>the PDF if I distill the same book file on another XP computer running
>FrameMaker 7.1 and Acrobat Pro 7.0.9, again using File>Save As. Both
>Distillers are using the same Standard job options (I confirmed that all
>the displayed settings are the same), and Adobe PDF is the default
>printer on both machines. So I have a workaround (use only the other
>computer to generate the PDF), but I wonder if anyone can explain what's
>going on.
>Jim Ramsay
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"One must imagine Sisyphus happy."
-Albert Camus
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