If you have FM8.x, make sure that WebWorks is not opening it in the background 
as you attempt to build your help.  It was doing that.  

The fix was to make sure that you had FM 7.x open before the build, and then 
Webworks would use that version.


Hello Fellow Framers,

I'm wondering if others who use WebWorks as their online help software
in conjunction with FrameMaker have discovered whether WebWorks has
fixed their glitch that WW 9.2 does not work with FM (7.2, in our case).
We use FM 7.2 for documents, and WW 9.1 for online help, because we
can't get WW 9.2 to recognize FM files (we just get an error. Rough
translation: "Need to update file. Okay?" [Self hits Okay] "Cannot open
project. Alien file format." [WW crash] Have others solved this by
upgrading to FM 8.0? Just curious.

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