FrameMaker 8.0p277

I sent some MIF files to our translation agency. When
I got the translated files back I noticed that text
in some table rows was not translated. Trados did not
import the text in these rows.

These table rows had a condition assigned which was set
to "Hide". However, I did not select "Show as per Condition"
but "Show as per Expression". Therefore the CState value
of the various conditdions should not matter. In FrameMaker
the table rows were shown.

As a test I activated "Show as per Condition". This changed
neither the value of the CState tags nor the value of the
BoolCondState tags. Now I do not know which MIF statement
selects "Show as per Condition" or "Show as per Expression".
I checked the MIF file itself and the Adobe MIF reference,
but did not find a hint.

I would think this is a Trados problem as it is able to
import regular text (not in a table) properly.

However, to test this further and for the discussion with
our translation agency I would like to know how "Show as per
Condition" or "Show as per Expression" is selected.

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