At 12:20 AM 6/2/2008, Himanshu Marathe wrote:
>Is it possible to locate the LinkEnd = Null values easily in FrameMaker?
>I tried locating such values in the structure view by checking every XRef
>element but it is very time consuming and sometimes doesn't even display the
>values too, strange though.

   If you are looking for XRef elements that have set the value of LinkEnd 
to Null, then in the Find/Change dialog box, select Element from the Find 
pop-up menu. In the resulting Find Element dialog box, type XRef for the 
Element Tag, LinkEnd for the Attribute Name, and Null for the Attribute 
Value. Click Set and then Find.

   If by "Null" however, you mean you want to find LinkEnd attributes that 
have not been set, it is harder to find them. The subject of your message 
says "warning". Is it an error in your template for LinkEnd not to be set? 
If so, you can use Element > Validate to find the errors. If not, you might 
temporarily make it an error by importing element definitions from a 
variation of your EDD that requires the attribute value. You can then 
validate. Once the errors are fixed, you can reimport the correct EDD.

   As far as why only some LinkEnd attributes display in the Structure 
View, you can control the attribute display in two ways. You can set it 
globally with View > Attribute Display Options. You can set it for one 
element by clicking the + or - on the right of the element's bubble in the 
Structure View; + displays additional information, - removes information 
that is currently shown. (If you hold down the Shift key while you click 
the + or -, the display of all siblings of the element will be set to 
match). There are three possible settings:

1) Show all attributes defined for the element, whether or not values have 
been set
2) Show only those attributes that either have values or that are required 
to have values in a valid document
3) Do not show attributes


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