Austin Meredith wrote:

> Acrobat Pro 9 is just being released. Since we presently distill our 
> FM8 files into PDFs with Acrobat8 -- should we upgrade immediately to 
> Acrobat9, or should we "wait for the dust to settle"?

Upgrading to a new version of a tool just because it exists has never made 
any sense to me. Unless there is some incompatibility in your current working
environment, or unless there is some new feature in Acrobat 9 that would
be a *real* benefit to your workflow or product (and not just an item of
marketing hype), I see no reason to move away from a currently working 

And considering how bad a track record Adobe has had with serious issues 
in the initial releases of new Acrobat versions, I know that *I* am not in 
any hurry to update such a crucial tool.

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