Bubbemeissa - Grandmother's Tale! In other words, a total myth!

FrameMaker does absolutely NOTHING with the internals of placed
EPS files; it is simply passed through and around the PostScript driver
during "print" operations. As long as it is valid PostScript conforming to the
EPS specification and has a language level less than or equal to
that of the PostScript printer being sent to (Distiller is language
level 3), you should be fine!

Who gave you that mumbo-jumbo "advice"?

        - Dov

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> [I had a bad feeling dropping a message with a "loosely connected"
> topic into another thread.]
> When saving Illustrator files as EPS you have the choice to select
> the Illustrator version, including a warning that you may loose some
> features when saving as an older versions.
> I also remember that there was a case when dashed lines from an
> Illustrator EPS "escaped" from the encapsulation and created dashed
> lines elsewhere after distilling to a PDF. This was with a certain
> combination of FrameMaker and Acrobat versions. What I and others
> learned was that EPS encapsulation is not always encapsulating the EPS.
> In other words, I hear advice that you should stick to a certain
> Illustrator version level for all EPS graphics unless your FrameMaker
> version is younger than your Illustrator version - presumably to give
> engineers the chance to improve the EPS import filter (or the PS
> creating engine?).
> Or is that a myth? Will FrameMaker 7.0 without a problem process EPS
> files at Illustrator CS3 level?
> If there is a dependency, I am looking for a compatibility table that
> shows which versions of Illustrator EPS files are supported by which
> version of FrameMaker.
> Thanks,
> - Michael

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