> Personally, I think you're better off with that control -- and many
> others -- turned off. You shouldn't be applying alignment, font, size,
> line spacing, bold, italic, etc., with ad hoc controls; you should be
> using defined pgf and char tags.

EXACTLY and TOTALLY right! Thank you!

In other applications, the use (mostly overuse) of this capability is
one of the things that I find most irritating ... when people mess with
a particular document (Word documents and Powerpoint presentations are
the worst!) and then expect things to NOT get screwed up when the
template is changed or updated or someone applies the template to the
particular file.

In FrameMaker, the ability to create char tags, and apply them to text
as needed, is a VITAL feature to prevent uncontrolled (usually
accidental and unknowing) changes in the look and feel of text unrelated
to what you might be modifying on the screen you are on.


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