The System: Dell Precision 490 WorkStation, WinXP SP2, 2G mem, Dual 20-in 
Monitors, FM-7.2-w/upgrades, 2 80G SATA drives.

Project: 600pp SGML Catalog w/2-indicies.

Issue: After 10+ years of production, customer wishes to no longer need to 
mark proofs for *widowed widows*.

Widows are currently satisfactorily controlled with the Format> Paragraph> 
Pagination >Widow/Orphan Lines quantity.

The "Widowed Widow" is the last 2 lines of a paragraph in which the 
widowed/last  "line" contains only, a single word.

How can I control this occurance in FM.

Using VisualBasic, I can/have searched the SGML data file for the end of an 
Element "</".
Loop backwards to the "last" word-space preceeding the "</" and
replace this "found" space with the character entity &nbsp; as defined in 
the ISOnum file.
What results is text of "\x11" which is exactly what the 7.2 Quick Reference 
p3.4 says to use in Standard Character Set Input.
Page 1.12 - Finding and Changing Special Characters says . . . to find 
NoBreakSpace . . . type \[space].

Is there something missing in my "SGML/Open" process or, is this a bug
Should I just Search for the text \x11 and replace each occurrence with 
\[space] or Esc[space]h or Cntrl[space].

All character entities that DO have glyphs, function quite well!

best to all,

dick doll
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