Hey all:

I am currently attending a three-day FrameMaker workshop.  Here's the
setup -- we all have our own computer, and next to our computer is a
screen showing the instructor's computer screen.  So, the instructor
was researching a question, and he said, "ok, here is the answer," and
I look up and there's my name on this screen.  He was accessing our
FrameMaker database and had one of my emails on the screen! (how to
rotate a text box)

So any way, I thought it was super funny that I'm taking the class and
I show up in one of the answers.

Here's what I'm learning:  1) I know a lot more than I thought I knew,
and 2) I don't know anything.

Have a good week, fine FrameMaker friends!  I will be back next week
with LOADS more questions.

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