Sam Beard wrote:

> Linda,
>    That seems to apply to graphics when you're placing them inside a
> text frame on a page and you want that text to flow (or not, as the
> may be) around the anchored frame. In this case, I'm trying to get a
> text frame (used for callouts) to display correctly on top of a
> placed inside an anchored frame on the page. Or am I missing something
> in what you've said?

I'm pretty certain Linda is right. If the Runaround Properties setting
of a graphic frame (not an anchored frame; those have no runaround
setting) is Contour or Bounding Box, then it will "repel" text,
regardless of what text frame or flow that text is in. That sounds like
what you've described. 

Did you try setting the graphic frame to Don't Run Around, or just
decide Linda must be wrong without testing it? 


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