Dear Framers,

I am trying to save lots of .fm files as .xml in FM 7.2.

I've written an application and when I save a single .fm file as .xml it works 

When I use the Utility: File > Utilities > Convert structured documents, 
something goes wrong.

The conversion runs fine but the 'href' attribute for the images is not 
included in the output files.

My rules file includes the line: 
       attribute "href" is fm property file;

And, as I say, when I save an individual file as xml it's fine, so it looks 
like a bug.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix or workaround this?


Daniel Osborn?|?Usability Engineer - Technical Writer?| TomTom | daniel.osborn 
at | +44 (0)?161?408 7107

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