Can't say I have. I tried it on my Linux a couple of years ago while
still in its low 0. (which would mean Beta). It  was very slow and
rather buggy at that time. I have only heard of it since and the
reputation is getting better. This is one of the applications that I
would very much like to explore. And your link reminds me that I
should check it out soon. :-)

In the Open Source environment, the thing that comes closest to FM is
probably TeX/LaTeX, but it sadly lacks proper graphical front end.
There  are front ends available for it and special applications based
on it, but they seem to be limited to writing theses, mainly in the
mathematical area.

Thanks for the link.


On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 12:15 AM, Deborah Wible <dwible at> wrote:
> Hi there.
> Does anyone who has experience with a free open source DTP program at
> <BLOCKED::>  care to comment on
> it?
> For example, is anyone at your company using it for brochures or
> collateral?
> One (old) review touted it as a replacement for InDesign or QuarkExpress
> I'm CERTAIN there is no open source DTP replacement that has the power
> and flexibility of FrameMaker (which I love), but correct me if I'm
> wrong! Thanks.
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