My team uses a relatively new set of templates that we developed
ourselves. Since we are applying theses templates to a fairly complex
set of documents, we sometimes need to update the templates for
situations that may arise. This means that we may have to modify
existing tags, master pages, (etc.) and reapply them to our documents.
As a result, the writers on my team very rarely need to use overrides to
do what they want in their documents. If a writer needs to format
something that the template can't handle, we talk about it, and make a
decision whether to change the template. If we do change the template,
we inform the whole team on how to use the new styles.

Jon Harvey
Manager, Desktop Documentation
CambridgeSoft Corporation
100 CambridgePark Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140
(617) 588-9354
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The way I've been "brought up" as a Frame user was to avoid overrides
wherever possible. I'm now working with a writer who is much more
liberal about overrides than I am. We currently work only on
unstructured Frame documents; output is PDF (to print from or for use
onscreen). Right now, we're the only two writers working on the doc
set in question.

Have any of you been on either side of such a difference in approach,
and how did you go about resolving it?


Milan Davidovic

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