Multimedia Assistant (FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers add-on) enables you 
to embed or link (local/web) multimedia formats supported by Acrobat in 
FrameMaker through hypertext markers, so that the defined features are 
automatically present in the PDF file. Links can be local or web-based.

New in Multimedia Assistant v2.0:
-- Improved control of media items
-- Media-related bookmarks, links and page actions
-- Integration with Form Assistant, supporting field-related activities (eg 
image pop-ups, media rollover actions)

For more information, visit

To see sample PDFs with integrated media, demonstrating the features, visit
[ all produced with no post-creation manual actions in Acrobat: What causes 
the water to rise? |  Fun with Leaves | How do you say boat in Spanish? | 
Tuning your violin | and more ]

Upgrade is free to current users of Multimedia Assistant.

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