Responding to my alternative approach, Stuart Rogers wrote (in part):

> I guess the thing to watch is whether inserting the variable pushes the 
> title onto two lines, thereby making the pagination different under the 
> show vs. hide setting. (If so, then using separate pgfs with negative 
> space above/below would get around that.)

Actually, you can still use the conditional approach because once you've
inserted and conditionalized the variable you can make it arbitrarily small
as long as you do it *manually*, as an override (normally a no-no).
You need to do it here, though, because if you apply a named character 
format that changes the size of the font, that formatting is preserved 
when you generate/update the TOC, screwing up the hyperlinks as well
as the appearance. But if you change the size manually (not by applying 
a style), the new formatting is ignored when the TOC is updated. Since
you never need to read the variable in the document, you can make it 
small in point size and condense it with Stretch so that it takes up 
almost no room and the TOC still generates normally.


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