I'd like to use a special bullet symbol for my bulleted lists. I've chosen
"Black Right-Pointing Pointer". Using Adobe's "To use a special bullet
symbol" online help topic, I create my bullet list. I get a question mark
instead of a pointer:

? This is a bulleted list
? This is a bulleted list

Wingdings font works fine. But, I can't use this font because I'm using
WebWorks and because Wingdings isn't a default font. So, I'm going for the
standard. I tried Arial, Times New Roman, and Garamond, but all produce the
same results (a question mark).

What am I doing wrong?


*My Paragraph Tag:*

Autonumber Format = ?\t
Character Format = ArrowFont

*My Character Format:*

Arial Font
As-is (for remainder)

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