Hi Steve,

Have you considered applying a unique tag to the anchor para, mapping it to a 
css style?

I'm not a css code jockey, but you should then be able to override the 
placement inherited from FM

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Subj:  Template question, FrameMaker to RoboHelp HTML
Date:  Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:35 pm
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I'm new. This is my first post. I've cross posted. Please excuse my  
directness, I'm under the gun...

FrameMaker 8.0 and RoboHelp 7 HTML as part of the Technical  
Communication Suite.

I have a FrameMaker book that uses a template designed for publishing  
to PDF.  I am trying to create a new template to reformat the content  
for importing the entire book (.book file) into a RoboHelp HTML  
WebHelp project.

My only problem is with anchored frames and the graphics.

In the template designed for "Publish as PDF," all of the anchored  
frames are aligned as "Center" and extend to both margins. The Inside  
and Outside margins are set to 48. Some of the graphics are "Offset  
 From Left" = 114.0 pt (This makes them flush with the Body paragraph  
tag).  Others are "Offset From Left" = 130.0 pt (this makes them flush  
with the "indented body" paragraph tag).

I've created a new template where the Body paragraph tag is set to 0.0  
pt. And the "indented body" paragraph tag is set to 16.0 pt.

When I import the FrameMaker book into RoboHelp (after applying the  
new template), everything else looks fine, but all graphics are hard  
set (Offset From Left) to 114pt and 130pt. (And this looks bad.)

I want to format the anchored frames and graphics in each template so  
that when the "Publish to PDF" template is applied, the graphics are  
flush with the 114pt Body paragraph....And when the "Import to  
RoboHelp WebHelp" template is applied, the graphics are flush with the  
0.0 pt Body paragraph.

Paragraphs are easy to manipulate in a template.  But I can find no  
way to manipulate anchored frames or graphics.  Any ideas?

Portland, OR


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