It would be helpful if somewhere in your email you provided your FM
and Acrobat version levels, and other diag info such as if the files
are local or networked, how much RAM and temporary file space you have
on the system, if there are any unusual configurations in the document
files, etc.....

Both this description and your earlier problems sound like old bugs
that have been fixed in patch releases of FM and Acrobat.


On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 1:57 AM,  <Syed.Hosain at> wrote:
> Hi, all.
> Please pardon the long e-mail here!
> In the past, with FrameMaker 7.2 and Acrobat Pro 7, on the TAGS menu, I
> had to *uncheck* the "Generate Tagged PDF" to make it work without
> crashing.
> Then, with FrameMaker 8 and Acrobat Pro 8, on the TAGS menu, I had to
> *check* the "Generate Tagged PDF" to make it work without crashing. This
> last has been working fine since I upgraded months back.
> Today, for some strange reason, I would get a FM crash, with both "Save
> as PDF" and with printing to the Adobe PDF printer. With the same book
> that has been working perfectly for quite a while now the past few
> weeks. An *incomplete* TPS file gets left in the directory - I know it
> is incomplete since the file clearly has missing text at the end.
> (The first time, though, I got a very strange PDF file ... in the TOC,
> the numbering was missing in some areas, some TOC lines were truncated,
> etc. It started crashing completely from the second run on!)
> So, I tried:
>        1. Saving each document in the book as MIF and rebuilding each
> .FM file.
>        2. Deleting FNTCACHE.DAT and rebooting.
>        3. Copying the old backup .FM files from a few days ago!
> No luck whatsoever! The .TPS files left behind looked incomplete, by the
> way, like they had not finished being written.
> So, I tried to PDF individual documents (there were three in the book -
> one long one and two much shorter ones):
>        1. Two of the documents (the short ones) would generate PDF
> files correctly.
>        2. With the third one, FrameMaker would simply crash and "go
> away" - without even the usual menu box telling me that it had saved a
> file for the Adobe folks to look at!
> So, I tried the above *uncheck*'ed TAGS menu setting (i.e., went back to
> what I used to use with FrameMaker 7.2 for the heck of it). And, sure
> enough, now everything is working fine again! With no change to the .FM
> documents in the book whatsoever. The crash and failure to generate the
> PDF went away - both with "Save as PDF" and with printing to the Adobe
> PDF printer!
> So ... what on earth is this problem? What is "Tagged PDF" and why is it
> so problematic for FrameMaker?
> Z
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