XP or VISTA; SAUNA or SOUP; that *is* the question.
Well, whether amphibian or adventurer we're still swimming in the
cauldron of our own demise.

Seriously, I feel MUCH better about all this Frame/Vista stuff-thanx to
Dov's wise counsel-so I'll soak a bit longer.... 

Hey, I'm actually starting to smell pretty delicious!!

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Or the old adage that to boil a frog, you put it in a pot of cold water
and turn up the heat gradually, because the frog will pass out before it
notices the increased temperature.
Not that frog soup is on my menu....

Rene L. Stephenson

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I'm reminded of a cartoon I saw many years ago:  A crowd of cannibals 
with bones through their nostrils, gathered round a huge cauldron set 
over a fire.  In the cauldron, three pith-helmeted white explorers 
lounging, elbows resting on the rim.  Says one to the other two, "The 
chief's right!  The first few minutes *are* very relaxing."

Welcome to Office 2007!  ;-)

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