On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 4:12 PM, Milan Davidovic <milan.lists at gmail.com> 
> I'm looking at some legacy document in which the character formatting
> does come across in the x-ref'd text, but I can't see how to make it
> happen in my File B. What can I check to see where the difference is
> between the two?

Just answered my own question...

In the test files I set up, the character tag I used was Emphasis (the
default one in my installation of Frame), which changed to angle to
Italic. In the legacy file I'm looking at, the character tag uses a
different font altogether.

So, even when applied with a character tag, bold or italic formatting
does not come through on the x-ref. A different font, however, will.
Perhaps this is what Shlomo was trying to explain and I just didn't
get it.

Thanks again.

Milan Davidovic

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