Though nobody asked, I thought it would be a good idea to share a
solution I just received from an Adobe engineer regarding a problem
printing to PDF from FrameMaker 8. 
The scenario: We had a document with multiple conditions. The document
printed OK for two of the conditions, but not the third.
When trying to print a FrameMaker 8 document to PDF, the third condition
resulted in an error message that begins as follows:
Internal Error 8004, 6343724, 8484240, 0. FrameMaker has detected a
serious problem and must quit.

Following is the unedited response:

As a work around, you can try the following:

        1.       Open the book
        2.       Open all the files of the book (this is an important
step for things to work).
        3.       Do a 'Show All'
        4.       Save as Pdf (optional steps)
        5.       Set the conditions as before (the third condition)
        6.       Save As Pdf.

If you are working on an individual document, open the document, and
start from step 3.

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